I'm a UK-based game developer with professional experience working on C# software since 2014. I began using Unity in 2018, after several years of creating Windows games in my free time. Game development became my primary interest, combining my passions for programming and digital art, and since Sept 2018 I've been a full-time Unity developer. I've worked on 2D and 3D games and experiences for all platforms, from small AR apps to AAA multiplayer games.

I'm independent and enjoy self-study, spending my free time working on game projects, but also enjoy helping others. Besides development, in my previous roles I've assisted with line management and recruitment, and formed and led an internal training team.

My main experience lies with Unity and C#. However I'm always looking to expand my technical knowledge further and have also worked with Unreal, C++, SQL, HLSL, and Javascript.

My interests include game dev, art, writing, and birds.