Unity games


Work in progress: Harvest

An original game in which the player is a mouse trying to survive in a large forest.


Penpal (unreleased)

An original dialogue-based game: the player tries to resolve the characters' problems through conversations and minigames.

Game Jam: Mika and Ozzie and Mitsu

A sequel to the 2021 jam game below, made in two days with artist Anni Runge.


Caverna boardgame

A PC recreation of the boardgame Caverna, with online multiplayer via Unity UNet.

Game Jam: Mika and Ozzie - Potion Class

A simple point-and-click game made in two days for a game jam, with artist Anni Runge.


Big Al port


Phantasia 4 port


Pikmin level remake

Big Al remake

Asteroids remake

Windows Forms games

Tori Atsume (2017)

LOTR boardgame (2016)

Phantasia 4 Unity Port

C#/Unity port of the 1980s/90s open source multithreaded multiplayer browser game. This version is currently restricted to single player and uses LAN.

I converted the source code from C/Java/Linux to C#/Unity/Windows, staying as faithful to the original code as possible. The original had a C backend and Java frontend, and expected a Linux server. My port uses C# throughout, with Unity Multiplayer for networking, allowing the user to act as both host and client.

The original 1980s version of Phantasia was written by Edward Estes. The Phantasia 4 source code was prepared by Brian Kelly in 1999 and is provided at

Pikmin Playarea

A partial recreation in Unity of a level from the Gamecube game Pikmin 2. Includes camera controls, AI NPCs and enemies, and items to pick up.

Models, Pikmin animations, and Pikmin font from and Music and SFX from





Big Al port

A C#/Unity port of a 1990s Perl/HTML BBC browser game.

Originally I created a remake of this game (below). Following this I was contacted by the game's original designer, Alex Freeman, who had come across my remake and kindly decided to send me the game's original source code and assets. Using these, I've created this direct port of the original game.





Big Al remake

Unity 2D recreation of a 1990s BBC browser game.

In the game the user plays the dinosaur 'Big Al', moving around a map, trying to survive and grow to achieve a high score. Enemies attack or flee in realtime, and the player's energy drops over time.


The original game no longer exists. I didn't hear about it until after it was gone, but I wanted to play it, so I recreated it based on some remaining screenshots and forum posts. I had to make some minor assumptions about the gameplay, and had to make my own artwork for most of the map grid, but otherwise it's as faithful to the original as possible.

A page about the original game:

(update 21-Jun-18: the game now uses a slower timer)




Asteroids remake

Unity 3D recreation of the classic arcade game. Uses modified assets from the 'Space Shooter' Unity tutorial package.




Tori Atsume

Windows Forms recreation of the cat-themed 'Neko Atsume' mobile app.

The user has a garden that they can customise. The aim is to discover all the birds, by putting out different toys and foods. After birds visit the garden they leave rewards which can be used to buy more toys/foods. Birds come and go in realtime; the game refreshes when the user unfocuses/refocuses it, reopens it, or opens and closes a menu screen.

The game creates an encrypted textfile in the user's Appdata folder to hold autosaved data. Users can use the 'camera' feature to autosave images to a folder in their Pictures directory.

Artwork for the birds and toys/foods was created by me. Artwork for the UI is based on screenshots of the original game, with edits by me to shift the focus from cats to birds.
A page about the original app:

The code sample is the main game class, display class, and popup-handling class.




Lord of the Rings board game

Windows Forms recreation of the cooperative board game of the same name.

In the game 2 to 5 local players cooperate to try and reach Mount Doom and destroy the ring. Play proceeds by turns, with each turn having a randomised event stage and a player action stage. Players use cards to mitigate events and move through each game board. A webpage about the board game can be found here:

The code sample is the main game class, and the classes for the main game board.